Long Term Rentals

Automax Rent-A-Car believes in providing you your rental vehicle for as long as needed, whether it’s short term a day or two. Flexible long-term car rentals can range from three weeks, a month, or longer. We strive on providing you the car rental solution to suite your rental needs.

Subscription rentals for customers interested in monthly subscription rentals that puts you the driver seat of your car rental journey. We can customize your monthly subscription rental to put you behind the wheels of multiple vehicle solutions to suite your rental needs. We offer premium vehicles, luxury cars, vans and truck rentals at great rates. Subscription rentals gives you the ability to have insurance, maintenance and upgrade your vehicle during the subscription. You don’t have to lose sleep at night worrying about the cost of depreciation. It is an amazing way to drive your dream car.

Long terms rentals are here to make your travels easier. Rent a car for a month or longer. Monthly car rental benefits you because: Your daily rental rate is lower the longer you rent. You can request a vehicle swap during your rental period. prevents you from having to put miles and reduces wear and tear on your personal vehicle. You may have a big project that requires a truck or van but won’t use it after completion. Renting a vehicle by the month as needed is a great option.

If you get into an auto accident, your car could be in the repair shop for quite some time. A long-term rental car provides an alternate form of transportation that is easy to book and we also offer MPI direct billing.

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